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The 20 best horror movies of the last decade to enjoy being scared

If you want to prepare for Halloween week, nothing better than watching the best horror movies of recent years. Here we bring you a list of the best 20 examples of horror cinema of the last decade.



A good scary movie can stay in our retinas forever. There is always some situation or villain that has become one of our worst nightmares and in recent years the cinema has evolved to encompass horror from different points of view.

The first movie is already a horror classic. With a moderate budget and outstanding actors, we were able to tremble with this play starring Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson. It is directed by James Wan, who would repeat with the actor in the Warren marriage films.

A family moves into a new home that seems perfect, but problems quickly begin. One of the children falls into a coma after an accident and paranormal events begin to occur in the house. A simple summary that served to lay the foundations of terror for the following years.

Ethan Hawke surprised us by making this horror movie that delves into a new reformulation of the bogeyman myth. A typical story in which a family moves into a house and the father finds something strange, some old homemade tapes showing previous families who lived in that house.

An investigation and a lot of suspense guide this film, which although it is somewhat unknown, plays very well with intrigue and psychological terror. We are not going to fool you, there are a couple of jump scares, but it is a movie to take into account.

Warren expedient

Again James Wan and Patrick Wilson, but this time with a saga that everyone knows. All films deserve a place on this list, but we are going to put the first because the commercial success came in this title based on one of the darkest investigations of the Warren marriage.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are specialists in paranormal phenomena and the film tells the true story of how they faced the demonic entities of the Harrisville farm. A lot of tension, good performances, and moments that will make us jump out of the chair, but without wanting to take our eyes off the screen.

We can see this and the rest of the Warren Files movies on HBO. It is a saga that even has spin-offs, although they have less quality than the original series.


This work raises terror in those figures who live in children’s nightmares. That primitive fear of the unknown, of what may be in the closet or under the bed. In this film, that childhood terror becomes the anguish of a mother who begins to feel panic about what may live in her house, in her son, or her mind.

A title that shows us one of the best faces of psychological terror, based on something simple, but making all of us tremble when we remember when we were little. We can assure you that after watching this movie, crossing the corridor of our house in the dark can be a challenge.

The nightmare


Do you know what sleep paralysis is? Many people have suffered from it and it is based on waking up in the middle of the night with the inability to move. Alone, in your room, unable to go anywhere, but are we alone?

This film by director Rodney Ascher is almost a documentary with dramatizations representing the testimonies of many people who have had sleep paralysis. They are creepy and there is always something watching them.

A different film that is based on what many real people have said and that is difficult to find since it is not on streaming channels, but we highly recommend it.

The vacuum

We move away from psychological terror to enter the world of cosmic terror. This film was financed by crowdfunding giving us good special effects, a terrifying cult, and a taste for horror movies of the eighties as we had not seen in a long time.

A magnificent example of how Lovecraftian horror will never go out of style. If you want to see something that is less psychological (although it is a true path to madness) and more classic, this is a great option.

It can be found on Filmin. If you like cultists and monsters, this might be a perfect choice.

Let me out

One of the horror films that has succeeded the most in recent years. Director Jordan Peele brings us a film where nothing is what it seems and the fear of feeling persecuted or locked up is constant.

All of this is paired with a highly ornate criticism of racism. This story was awarded the Oscar for best screenplay and we can assure you that it deserves it.


Paco Plaza, the creator of REC, shows us that he is very good at making horror movies. In Verónica she tells the story of a teenager who plays with an Ouija board, receiving the answer of something evil that was hidden.

A Spanish film whose events could have happened to many people in our society, a realistic vision (as far as possible) of the terror of the unknown, of changes, and growth.

The invisible man

Elizabeth Moss, the protagonist of The Handmaid’s Tale, showed us more facets of her acting skills in this new version of the classic horror myth. In this film, Cecilia has left her boyfriend, a scientist who soon after commits suicide. Despite this news, she is convinced that he is still close to her.

A different vision that focuses on the fear of what we do not see, but we know it is there. It also clearly shows how terrifying it is to be in a toxic relationship and the anguish it feels to not be believed.

A good film that, although it did not make much noise, treats the myth very well. You can find it on Apple TV.

Train to Busan

In every horror movie list, there should be a zombie movie and in recent years Korean cinema has skyrocketed. This work shows us the journey of a father with his little daughter by train through Korea, just when the zombie apocalypse broke out.

A story that has nothing to envy to other films of the genre and that even tells us everything from a certain angle that surprises in the West. The director, Sang-Ho Yeon, is an expert in the genre and if you like this movie, you should take a look at the rest of his work.


Here we bring an example of how the effects are nothing without a good performance behind. In Mom, the leading couple, with a Jessica Chastain in good shape, find their nieces lost in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

They have been there for years and something has taken care of them, something that only appears when the girls are alone. We will find ourselves holding our breath on more than one occasion watching this movie that shows us that a character that moves grotesquely can be scarier than anything.


Something as simple as the idea of ​​not being able to see to survive. Sandra Bullock stars in this film that brings us a post-apocalyptic world in which a force is capable of ending those who see it. The only way to survive is to blindfold.

The critics were not full of praise, but this film was liked by the general public. A movie that premiered on Netflix when not many dared to do so.

A peaceful place

Continuing with simple ideas, in this film they imagine an alien invasion that is attracted by noise. Therefore, you must be silent if you want to survive. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt star in this film that surprised many with the suspense that the absence of sound can bring.

It was well-received by critics and has a sequel. We recommend this first part because it is more refreshing and the performances deserve to be seen.

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Bangle is the new upcoming movie from south India. The theme is dramatic comedy. Movie will be in Telugu language. And the stars will be Manasa Veena, Chaitanya Nalla and Saisudha Paluri.

The film bangle is directed by Sriram Vegaraju, and director of photography will be Abhinav Mellacheruvu. Let me tell you more about bangle. The location of the shoot is in Seattle, Washington.

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Ridglea Room, Fort Worth, Texas.  03/11/2022 07:00 p.m. Having been one of Haiqeem’s first post-COVID shows in two years, I had to see what the buzz was all about. The concert started with the guitarist playing a melody as the lead singer Haiqeemjoinedwith stamina and pace, thrilling the audience. Even though the band experienced technical challenges in the set, neglecting to perform the hit ‘don’t give a damn,’ the concert was a visceral episode and thunderous like a war scene between dual barbarian armies disrupted by a monster-track gathering. The band showcased incredible talent alternating between guitar melody and lead singer’s vocals. The crew rolled with punches and stridden to perform a piece of  seamless music to a welcoming audience.

The listeners buzzed with excitement. The band put sufficient time into their composition. The music was melodic and heavy, although it had a soft rhythm. Haiqeem rock band took the Ridglea room with fantastic music that was not excessively crazy heavy and not too light. Even though it was my first time attending their concert, I liked their presentation, becoming Haiqeem’s fan. The alternative rock band did not disappoint, and the individuals I talked to after their presentation were satisfied with the performance even though they commented about the technical errors but praised the musicians’ stage presence.

The band performed So Deep using a classic metal reverberation with a hefty twist. So, Deep performance was my favorite as the band translated studio sound to a stage reverberation-sounding spot-on recording. There was no point in the performance that the audience seemed out of control or the band overwhelmed. The presentation left my ears glowing with euphoric sensation, giving me a reason to hear more of Haiqeem’s music.The band introduced unique rock music that varies from the status quo. Apart from technical issues, there was hardly a moment I was not having a bang with the band’s thrilling, objective-based expedition and deep progression framework.

-Charlotte Witter

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