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This is the small business that defeated a supermarket giant

The businessman and inventor Andoni Monforte wanted to bring homemade vegetable drinks to every home. And he got it. This is how Vegan Milker was born, which was originally called Chufamix, with the aim of revolutionizing Spanish kitchens. And so it has been.



The company currently sells in more than 40 different countries. And it has an invention patent in Europe, China, the United States, and Mexico.

It is a non-electric utensil whose main function is to transform any seed into a vegetable drink. ” In just one minute you make a liter of the vegetable drink you want from any seed at home: oats, soybeans, almonds … “, explains its creator in statements to this medium. ” A simple, but revolutionary idea “, which has had to face several potholes along the way.

Horchata, the first seed of the product

Monforte, who is also one of the owners of the horchata sales carts in Món Orxata, explains that his initial idea came from the tiger nut to make horchata.  It was then that, a bit by chance, this utensil was born. We invented it for the horchata, “he says.

“ But then, being able to make other drinks and also having more and more problems of food intolerances, it has turned out to be a product that without being focused on this audience benefits them a lot. An important part of our clientele is people with food intolerances “, he adds.

Monforte says that the project already has eight years of life behind him. During this time, they have invested 380,000 euros in R&D, which, as indicated, by the end of 2021 will already exceed 400,000 euros because ” we are in the middle of the engineering and prototyping phase of new versions radically different from the current ones “. A project carried out with ” our work, sweat, sacrifice, and savings “.

This investment will allow them to produce different versions from this same centrifugal emulsion system in the next six months.

Circular economy and zero waste in the company

One of the great values ​​of the company is its commitment to the circular economy and the reduction of waste. In this regard, Monforte comments that all its parts are manufactured in various Valencian injection companies. In addition, all the plastics and materials they use are of European or North American origin. With which they refrain from buying products in China. “ We manufacture at home. And with this we greatly reduce transport costs, environmental costs … Apart from generating employment here in Europe, “he says.

In addition, he comments that by producing the drink directly at home, it is not necessary to use tetra bricks, which does not generate more unnecessary waste. On the other hand, the horchata master exposes us to the benefits that this product has for health. “ The drink is not ultra-pasteurized and, therefore, it is more nutritious. Nutritionally we win, “he says.

He also explains that the excess pulp that remains in the filter after the emulsion process can be used to make other recipes. And he exemplifies: “ With this leftover, we have ideas for more than 100 or 200 recipes that can be prepared quickly. For example, sponge cakes, vegetable patés, and even homemade Mozilla. In the end, the zero waste concept touches on different fields. It is about not throwing anything away at all and transforming it into drinks or different dishes, “he adds.

The rise of a product that may have ceased to exist

From the beginning, the product is very much aimed at selling through electronic channels. In this sense, the pandemic has given them a good boost in sales. “ Above all, they have increased at Amazon. It has had a very spectacular rise and also in our own online store, “he says. This is mainly explained by the upward trend during the months of confinement of activities related to cooking and ‘do it yourself.

Regarding the e-commerce giant, he points out: “ The people of the different products have a very worked logistics. It has allowed us as a small company to be able to put our product through their system in a lot of countries where, by ourselves, it would have been difficult at first ”.

Figures that today would be impossible if the idea had not been protected with a European patent. Regarding the judicial process against a well-known German supermarket chain, Monforte clarifies: “ As for the supermarket chain you are asking me about, we have totally turned the page. It is a subject already closed. We have all learned from this process. What we have seen is how important it is to have a European patent. Without it, the company would probably not exist now. What we are focused on now is teaching the world this way of creating your own vegetable drinks at home ”.


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Free bets are the latest successful promoting strategy introduced to gamblers through a sportsbook. The phrase “free bet” is an appealing term and attracts new players to the bookmaker’s language as well as the idea has been tested to be very commonplace in the betting community that plays sports cards today.

How do I get a no-cost bet?

A free bet can offer players the opportunity to add money to place bets every so often with bookmakers. The benefit of these bets is that you’ll generally not be at risk if you’re betting with the money provided directly to you through the bookmaker. But, one thing that you must be aware of when you do be successful is that you won’t take the money you spend, only the winnings derived from the bet you won. The 22Bet bonus amount will be returned to the bookmaker, and you’ll be required to only comply with the conditions of any bonus for betting that you can get rid of from the betting platform that you play on.

What is the free bets function?

A free bet could be utilized to play games and will not be considered cash in any way. They’re made for one reason here only, which adds to the game of cards. To ensure your understanding of the subject, we’ve presented an example of a game below that you will be able to comprehend how free bets function.

How do I know if it is a problem?

If you want to be eligible for the bonus, you’ll have to work under the conditions and terms related to the amount of money you’re receiving. It is usually required to sign a contract from your side and a legitimate identification form to verify the bonus since gamblers can only claim most offers and prizes. Therefore, you must be a new client to access these bonuses. In addition, you will also be able to get assistance from a Toto website.

You’ll need to keep in mind the rules that govern the method you take your winnings. The majority of the time, you’ll need to be required to make sure that you withdraw the funds following the regular and betting requirements set by your bookmaker. However, every bookmaker will disagree with their terms, so you can’t believe that it is the same for everyone in a reasonable circumstance. Therefore, it is essential to read the conditions thoroughly to ensure that you are entirely aware of what you’d like to know about these obligations when you wager on the group of a particular caseno.

You are focused on the terms of the bookmaker. If that happens, you’ll have to deal with the consequences, such as the immediate suspension of your account and the winnings taken on the spot.

What are the benefits of betting for free?

After sifting through for the truth, we can discuss the fun! Free bets are entertaining and enjoyable to play alongside your chances, and this is because they provide players with a broader range of options at a specific card-playing establishment. You’ll be able to explore new ways of betting that you’ve always dreamed of, such as, for instance, and without any risk with it! Typically, beginners will realize that they’ll learn a lot by using one or two free bets before betting on sports journeys.

The gambling industry and the bonuses that gamblers have received are expected to continue rising. But, promotions such as free bets are not the only reason bookmakers are growing and prospering, with constant growth in players.

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