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How COVID Has Changed Business – Time for a Coach



In these trying times, how has COVID affected your business? Many businesses have
slowed down in the wake of this new law. This is not a coincidence. In fact, it was
inevitable that COVID would lead to decreased revenue for many companies.
For instance, we saw our clients’ revenue drop by 50%. What can you do in the face of
such challenges? You need someone who understands how to coach and motivate
people! That’s where we come in! We are Time for A Coach LLC, and we offer coaching
services to help local businesses with marketing strategies and more!
How Has COVID-19 Affected Our Coaching Business?
We started a few earlier before COVID-19 hit with coaching and business consulting,
and during these trying times, business slowed down, and we have been doing
motivational coaching online. The owner Bernard Harris, a former two-time World
Champion, has been helping local businesses with marketing strategies and coaching in
the Metro Detroit area of the USA.

1. Marketing services have slowed down.

This pandemic has definitely had a negative impact on business, and marketing
services are no exception. In fact, many businesses have ceased all advertising efforts
in order to avoid any potential exposure to the virus. This is understandable, but it can
also be very costly.

2. Revenue has dropped by 50%

Many businesses have reported a decrease in revenue by as much as 50%! This is why
it may be time to invest in your business. Coaching services are an excellent way to
ensure that you’re maximizing the potential of your employees and customers alike.

3. COVID-19 took a toll on our personal lives

The chaos and confusion caused by COVID-19 have spilled over into many people’s
personal lives as well. With all this stress, it can be difficult to keep up with your daily
tasks at work, let alone find time for other activities such as exercising or spending
quality time with your family.
4. People were restricted to their homes
One of the most significant effects of COVID-19 has been the number of people who
have been forced to stay at home. This has resulted in a decrease in foot traffic for
businesses and a general slowdown in business activity.
Despite all these challenges, we remain optimistic about the future! We believe that with
the right coaching, your business can not only survive but also thrive in these difficult

5. Income resources got limited

It is no secret that income resources have become more limited in recent times. This
has made it difficult for some businesses to maintain their operations. If your business is
facing a similar challenge, we urge you to consider our coaching services.
Why Was This Pandemic Not Good for Our Businesses?
Many people have lost their jobs, and that means they cannot afford to buy more
services, goods, or even pay for some coaching. This has been a slow process, but we
are still trying to change lives through these hard times.
We have had to make a few adjustments, but we are still in business and helping
people through this tough time.
How We Changed Our Business Strategy for Coaching?
We have had to change our business strategy for coaching in these times. Our focus is
now on motivational coaching and helping people through this tough time. We want to
help them stay positive and focused on their goals.
With online coaching and motivation, we can still help people reach their goals and
improve their businesses.
What Other Business Strategies We Are Trying to Improve?
We have been trying a few other business strategies to improve our coaching and
consulting services. We are looking at different ways of helping people stay positive,
motivated, and focused on their goals.
● We offer several tools that we use ourselves for staying positive such as
meditation music videos; inspirational quotes; life advice from world champions
like Bernard Harris; and other self-help videos.
● We have been reaching out to businesses and individuals in the Detroit area of
the USA with marketing advice and coaching.
● We are still looking for ways to improve our online presence so that we can reach
more people who need help staying positive, focused, and on track.
● We are also trying to add more content on our website with
free tools and helpful advice for individuals who need support in these times of

In Conclusion:

Although COVID has slowed our business down, we are still trying to help people in any
way possible. We have been reaching out to businesses and individuals in the Detroit
area with marketing advice and coaching.
We are also looking for ways to improve our online presence so that we can reach more
people who need help staying positive, focused, and on track. We are grateful for our
clients and supporters who have helped us get through these tough times.
If you need any coaching or consulting services from experts who understand how
these changes affect your company’s bottom line – let us know! Our goal is to provide
quality service at an affordable price so that more people can turn their lives around
through coaching-based therapy sessions. You might be wondering where to find us?
We are located at Time For A Coach LLC Bernard Harris 7455 greenfield Detroit
Michigan 48228. You can also visit our website at, or you can call us
at xxx-xxx-xxx!
Thank you!

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Did Jeff Bezos take steroids to transform his body?



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Then in the time of 2017-18, he took his body shape serious and he changed his lifestyle totally. He gains his weight about 15 kilos and about 13% body fat percentage. If we talk about his workout routine, he does workout 6 days in a weak and one day he takes rest. Talking about his diet routine, he uses necessary nutrients to stay thin and some of carbohydrates for more energy. According to Jeff Bezos diet is very important to shape up your body, but you have to do workout also on daily basis with proper routine. So if you want to know more about Jeff Bezos, Click here to know more about his daily routine and work out details.


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Mental Health challenges in Black Communities by Nathan ssewaali



The significance of the history of black people cannot be overlooked. It is an enriched history which is a part of Canada as a whole. This history has a complete sum of oppression and grief inculcated in it. February is identified as the month of “black History”. However, according to the celebrity Morgan Freeman, the association of only one month with black history is ridiculous. The important thing to note in this regard is to be acknowledging that black history existed even before enslavement and oppression; therefore it does not start from there.

Over tons of hundreds of years, black people have been suffering as slaves and people with degraded value. In the course, their rich history is also buried somewhere between the lines. Therefore, the month of February is dedicated to lift all the barriers over the rich history of black people. However, the concerns of Black people in this regard are also valid. People insist that black history and black people exist even before and after the month of February so it does not become fair to treat them unjustly for the remaining eleven months but shedding complete light on them for one month.

The mental health conditions of the Black people are almost the same as white people in Canada. However, the difference is that it worsens for black people due their widespread history related to traumatic experiences of violence. Consequently, black people do not get the mental health facilities the way they require them. According to one statistics, “only one in three Black people receive mental health awareness and cure”. According to the experience of most psychologists and psychiatrists, it is more difficult for the black people to share information. This certainly happens as the society perceives them in one sort of fixed way and has associated so many judgements with them.

For children, the whole idea of black racism is very different. Parents should take initial discourses to protect their children from the prevalence of black racism. This can be followed through with a number of steps. It is the responsibility of the parent to explain the biases of the society to their children. Likewise, the actual threats of life that have been carried out for years in Canada must as well be communicated with the children. This does burst their bubble but the knowledge is worth than letting them living in their bubble. The children must also be made aware about the rich cultural history of black people and explain the comparison of their living in the temporary world.

Most parents teach their children about the generalized social norms of the society. But the responsibility of black parents differs in the regard that they have to prepare their children for a ride or die situation. This is necessary because the following racial trauma and distress, if not tackled by the parents for the children at the right time can lead on to unlikable consequences. This is because; it is the reality of black people residing in Canada. They are often taught with how far they have come instead of watching an overview of their oppression that never stopped.

Check FACEBOOK of Nathan ssewaali for more information.

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What is Dental Marketing?



Dental Marketing

If you have been interested in this article, it means that you want to give your dental clinic a good boost. For this reason, we are happy to tell you that you are in the right place, since here you will learn more about how to get more visits, visibility and a good reputation thanks to Dental Marketing. Ready for liftoff? Let’s start!

Dental Marketing: what is it and what is it for ?


Dental Marketing is defined as the way in which we are going to relate to our current and potential patients. Within marketing, not only the service we offer and the price of our treatments influence, but the communications we make with our users, directly or indirectly , are also especially relevant .


How do I start working on the Marketing of my dental clinic ?


Good question! As in Dentistry, in Marketing and Communication it is also necessary to start with a good analysis and an accurate diagnosis . To do this, the main thing is to make an examination of your clinic and its characteristics, studying its strengths and threats, and thoroughly knowing the environment and the nearby competition.



In this phase we will ask ourselves some questions, such as:

  • What other dental clinics are in my area? What are they communicating?
  • What patient profile comes to my clinic?
  • How am I different from the competition? Am I communicating my differential values?
  • Am I visible enough on the Internet?

Once this assessment has been made, we will be able to know what aspects we need to improve to increase our reputation and get more patients.

We will then begin to propose the most appropriate marketing actions to achieve it and we will program them over time, through a calendar of daily, weekly and monthly activities.


It is necessary to pay attention to each of the communication channels through which we will achieve our objectives , such as:


  • Social media.
  • Web page.
  • Emailing or WhatsApp.
  • Digital Advertising.
  • Positioning in search engines (SEO).
  • Physical advertising.
  • The execution of these actions must be frequent and of quality, maintaining a personal and honest approach with the patient or user.
  • It is about showing all the positive things we can do for the health and oral aesthetics of each person who lives in our area of ​​influence, so that they feel truly attracted to come to our dental office.
  • At Publi Dental Consulting we are experts in designing and executing marketing strategies for companies in the dental sector. We have already helped more than 110 clinics around the world to increase their visibility and get more patients.
  • Our company is made up of a multidisciplinary team, which will be part of your project and will make it grow. Contact us and we will study your case to offer you an effective strategy for your dental clinic. Ready to get more and better patients?


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