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Cool Cookies NFT’s , golden project , more than $500k in 2 weeks !!



While the NFT space continues to expand and shuffle millions of dollars in cryptocurrency every day, it becomes difficult to discover new and unique projects that support a good cause and aren’t cash grabs like most BAYC and Azuki derivatives. Enter Cool Cookies, a family-friendly NFT project that was created to spread mental health awareness and build a community that feels more like family! Founder and artist, SearchGhost, has made it clear that his project stands for three principles: accessibility, mental health awareness and community.

Nowadays, minting new NFT projects vary in price, but SearchGhost opted to release Cool Cookies for free to ensure that his project was judged by the art and not an over-promising roadmap. In less than 20 minutes, the public bit into all 8,888 cookies and the project was sold out! The Cool Cookies are valued around 0.01 ETH and are available on OpenSea.

According to SearchGhost, this project allows him to grieve the loss of his older brother and spread love and positivity. Despite the free mint, SearchGhost will be donating $10,000 USD to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on April 12th to support those who have been impacted by suicide.

SearchGhost has a declarative presence in his Discord and hosts daily Twitter Spaces to engage with his community and discuss his long-term vision for the project. On April 1st, Cool Cookies hosted an exclusive event for holders where the founder gave away several NFTs including 2 Feline Fiendz that are valued at around $1,000 USD. The project as a whole has given back over $10,000 to its community.

Cool Cookies has demonstrated that a free mint can be a successful approach to this rapidly-evolving ecosystem. There are currently 2,607 unique Cool Cookies owners and with over already 120 ETH (420,000$) traded in volume, it’s only a matter of time before this project becomes mainstream and captures the attention of the greater NFT market.

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MONALICA the Best Crypto Agency for Crypto Brands



MONALICA is the block chain agency which helps people to invest with them and make money from crypto market. They have more than 20 years of experience in block chain market. They professionally worked with most popular and largest brands from all over the world. Their aim is to make a long term relation with their customers. MONALICA is the professional agency of block chain. They systematically solve and manage all the problems. They have talented artists, software developers and project developers from all around the world. You can easily invest your currency with MONALICA to make profit. They worked with so many professional crypto brands, so when we talk about experience in block chain market, there is one and only MONALICA because 20 years is much enough time to get expert in every field.

They have many other services like Web Development

UX/UI Design, Guerilla Marketing, Web3 Applications and Smart Contracts in reasonable price. MONALICA is now a brand. People from all over the world use their services to explore their thoughts and knowledge. But if you are looking for best crypto agency with which you can invest in crypto is MONALICA.  Just visit their website and check all the information about their services and their rules and regulations about crypto currency. Make sure to check all their services and their social media platforms which are included there.


Website = MONALICA


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Become a Tron Millionaire with BlockTRX



Block TRX is one of the three major block chain ecosystems. It was developed by global block chain developers. Block TRX is the platform for users (investors) to invest in TRX and make more and more money day by day. They promote the project to increase the popularity of TRX. When the market value of TRX is higher, then investors can earn from the generated income.

You know crypto currency is today one of the most successful business in the world. People are making huge amount of income by investing. Now the question is, which platform we should have to use to invest and make successful revenue.

By investing in Block TRX, you can easily invest and make money by different ways. Let us introduce you how their platform works.

You can deposit TRX in your Block TRX wallet. Than all you have to do next is to wait for 24 hours and your income will be there in your wallet. You can withdraw your TRX eaily from the wallet. So, the more you invest, the more you will earn and if you invest less TRX, obviously the revenue from them will be less.

Other than that you can earn more TRX by inviting our friends. The more your friends join Block TRX, the more you will get the commission.

You can simply join the official website of Block TRX to download their Application for both Android and IOS. The first step is to make account and deposit your TRX there. You will get the free 800 TRX as a gift by registration. No operation is required when you deposit your TRX. The income will automatically be added in your wallet in next 24 hours. They have 7 different plans that you can use from. By working with Block TRX, you and your revenue will be secure and safe because the multi-cluster system architecture will protect your account. As they are most famous TRX digital currency agent, so more and more people are working with them and they are getting huge income from TRX. Theirs partners are crypo, FIO, Deffi Pulse, BANB48 Club, SWFT block chain and equilibrium.

So take a step to invest in TRX and make more income. To download their free application, just go to official website of Block TRX and start earning. Their application is very simple and easy to use. . You can also join their Telegram group for latest updates.

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Crypto Quantum Leap. How To Start Crypto



Crypto Quantum Leap is an online course that educates members on everything there is to know regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investments.

The Crypto Quantum Leap member’s area has been equipped with as much knowledge as one could imagine. In particular, this is a chance for individuals to enhance their awareness.

How to start with Crypto (Beginners, No skills)

The first cryptocurrency to be created was bitcoin in 2008 by a mysterious person or group going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin’s introduction was only the beginning of an influx of a myriad of cryptocurrencies, all launched with the aim of replacing bitcoin. All those other currencies that came after bitcoin are today known as altcoins – alternatives to bitcoin.

Today there are over 5,000 cryptocurrencies circulating in the market, and more will come up.

Steps Involved To Start Your Crypto Currency Trading

Step 1

The first step in cryptocurrency trading is to find a suitable cryptocurrency trading platform and create an account. Different cryptocurrency traders have different needs and goals when it comes to trading. Fortunately, there are a variety of trading platforms to choose from on the internet. There are various factors to consider before choosing a platform such as security, ease of use, number of assets supported and many others.

Step 2

After selecting a reliable platform, the next step is to create an account. Most platforms will provide you with a registration form to complete. You will need to enter a valid email address, choose a strong password and then click register. You will then be required to verify your account: an email will be sent to your address with a code that you use to verify your account.

Step 3

After successful verification, the next step is to deposit your initial capital and begin your cryptocurrency trading journey. There are several methods of depositing funds such as credit/debit cards, Skrill, bank transfer, etc.

So, if you are new in crypto market or thinking about to start crypto currency trading and looking for someone to guide you and choose the best online market for you to invest your currency, you can definitely visit the Crypto Quantum Leap. They will guide you in every way to make you successful crypto trader. We are sharing the website with you on which, you can clear your every doubt and you will get to know about crypto currency trading

Website =


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