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ChatFunnels to Host Industry’s Largest Virtual DemandGenLeadership Summit



ChatFunnels to host 4th Semi-Annual DemandGen Summit, an online summit for marketers and sales professionals to learn best practices for funnel optimization.


SILICON SLOPES, Utah (PRWEB) April 18, 2022

ChatFunnels, the leading conversational marketing platform, today announced they will be hosting the semi-annual FREE DemandGen Summit on May 18th, 2022. The Summit will be a one-day virtual event showcasing 30+ of the industry’s leading sales and marketing leaders where they reveal the latest growth trends and strategies being used by some of the world’s major organizations.

The DemandGen Summit has hosted over 18,000 attendees and over 120 top B2B sales and marketing speakers. Much of the event’s value is credited to the high standard of speakers and value-driven tracks.

The Summit sessions are placed into three distinct tracks that indicate their positioning along the sales funnel: Drive Demand, Engage Demand, and Close Demand.

The following speakers are among those who will be featured at the Summit:


In addition to the speakers, the DemandGen Summit Awards will be announced at the event. These awards recognize exceptional industry leaders who are bringing their companies forward with demand generation and are crowd-nominated and voted.

To register for free or to vote for Demand Gen leaders awards go to


Send inquiries regarding summit sponsorships to


About ChatFunnels

ChatFunnels is anaccount-basedengagementorchestration platform designed to help your sales and marketing teams sell to your ideal customers. ChatFunnels allows you to segment, identify, engage, and convert web traffic with automated and templated workflows. ChatFunnels is easily implemented into your marketing and sales teams to convert traffic that on your website into customers. ChatFunnels is used by leading brands such as Domo, ObservePoint, Pantheon, Archive360 & Paytm.


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Free Bets and Betting Offers- All You Need to Know



Free bets are the latest successful promoting strategy introduced to gamblers through a sportsbook. The phrase “free bet” is an appealing term and attracts new players to the bookmaker’s language as well as the idea has been tested to be very commonplace in the betting community that plays sports cards today.

How do I get a no-cost bet?

A free bet can offer players the opportunity to add money to place bets every so often with bookmakers. The benefit of these bets is that you’ll generally not be at risk if you’re betting with the money provided directly to you through the bookmaker. But, one thing that you must be aware of when you do be successful is that you won’t take the money you spend, only the winnings derived from the bet you won. The 22Bet bonus amount will be returned to the bookmaker, and you’ll be required to only comply with the conditions of any bonus for betting that you can get rid of from the betting platform that you play on.

What is the free bets function?

A free bet could be utilized to play games and will not be considered cash in any way. They’re made for one reason here only, which adds to the game of cards. To ensure your understanding of the subject, we’ve presented an example of a game below that you will be able to comprehend how free bets function.

How do I know if it is a problem?

If you want to be eligible for the bonus, you’ll have to work under the conditions and terms related to the amount of money you’re receiving. It is usually required to sign a contract from your side and a legitimate identification form to verify the bonus since gamblers can only claim most offers and prizes. Therefore, you must be a new client to access these bonuses. In addition, you will also be able to get assistance from a Toto website.

You’ll need to keep in mind the rules that govern the method you take your winnings. The majority of the time, you’ll need to be required to make sure that you withdraw the funds following the regular and betting requirements set by your bookmaker. However, every bookmaker will disagree with their terms, so you can’t believe that it is the same for everyone in a reasonable circumstance. Therefore, it is essential to read the conditions thoroughly to ensure that you are entirely aware of what you’d like to know about these obligations when you wager on the group of a particular caseno.

You are focused on the terms of the bookmaker. If that happens, you’ll have to deal with the consequences, such as the immediate suspension of your account and the winnings taken on the spot.

What are the benefits of betting for free?

After sifting through for the truth, we can discuss the fun! Free bets are entertaining and enjoyable to play alongside your chances, and this is because they provide players with a broader range of options at a specific card-playing establishment. You’ll be able to explore new ways of betting that you’ve always dreamed of, such as, for instance, and without any risk with it! Typically, beginners will realize that they’ll learn a lot by using one or two free bets before betting on sports journeys.

The gambling industry and the bonuses that gamblers have received are expected to continue rising. But, promotions such as free bets are not the only reason bookmakers are growing and prospering, with constant growth in players.

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Locksmith Los Angeles is a 24/7 professional Locksmith company, that can help you everywhere in Los Angeles



Locksmith Los Angeles is a complete locksmith company in Los Angeles, CA. They are 24/7 available for emergency services. Let me explain their services.

They can replace locks, duplicate keys, and even break a lock, without damaging the doorway. They have trained employees, and they can complete your services more quickly and efficiently as compare to other locksmith companies and if you are from Los Angeles, you can definitely use their services because they are so close to your service area.

Emergency lockouts

If you have an emergency, you can call them at anytime and anywhere in CA. They will be available 24/7 for you, and they will break the lock without damaging the doorway.

Car door lock repair

They can repair the car doors very easily and smoothly, without damaging any of the other car areas and body as well.

Digital lock installation

And if you are interested in digital lock installation and repairing of digital locks, then Locksmith Los Angeles is here for you, just call them and order them.

Home locks

Their services also include home lock installation and home lock repairing. All the employees are very well trained for the best services. They have much more experience in home lock installation and repairing.

Other than that they can do window lock repair and replacement, padlock repair and replacement, and much more.

So just go to their website where you will find their phone number and many more details about them.

Los Angeles Locksmith


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Why White Marble is preferred in the Holy places?



A world full of diversity, culture, and colors shares many things in common – one of them is the use of white marble in worship buildings. Almost every type of marble will have a price associated with marble polishing services price. All colors of marble will likely cost the same.

In today’s world, marble is not only for monuments; it’s also used to enhance the beauty of homes, hotels, and other properties. Regardless of the region, religion, or faith, white marble is universally – and almost exclusively – regarded as a symbol of purity, peace, and positivity.

In today’s world, marble is not only for monuments; it’s also used to enhance the beauty of homes, hotels, and other properties. Regardless of the region, religion, or faith, white marble is universally – and almost exclusively – regarded as not just the case in India, but across the globe.

Religious places in the world made with white marble

  • Lotus temple
  • Moti Masjid
  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
  • Shri Jagannath Mandir
  • Dilwara Jain Temple, Birla Mandir, Hyderabad
  • Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata
  • Golden Temple, Amritsar
  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
  • Peter’s Basilica, Vatican
  • Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, New Jersey

Therefore, what is it about white marble that attracts believers of every faith and every region? White marble is used at shrines for many reasons.


Throughout the world, people prefer to build places of worship out of natural materials such as marble. Some of the traditionally used materials include wood, metals such as copper, silver, gold, and sandstone. The everlasting beauty of marble, however, is unsurpassed.


A color that radiates calm is white. Light emanates from it in all directions, creating a heavenly ambiance. Every inch of white marble shines with a sense of divine beauty, from polished floors to intricately carved structures. Its exquisite quality makes it an ideal material for chapels and churches.


There is a wide selection of white marble to choose from. A few minor variations can have a major impact. With varying tints and tones, as well as different vein patterns, there is no end to the possibilities. White marble is an indisputable choice for a variety of architectural styles, design themes, and sizes of areas.


Longevity and durability are hallmarks of marble. Natural materials used in the construction of religious buildings are rarely durable, as mentioned above. A natural stone such as white marble has a longer lifespan than materials such as wood and sandstone. A quick polish can restore the stone’s deific splendor, even if it pales with heavy footfalls.


I admit that Indians are fond of intricate art, and its beauty is enhanced by the most creative artisans. Carrying out carvings on white marble is a perfect way to express creativity. Granite is harder than quartzites and phyllites, yet softer than granites, making it an ideal utensil for creating exquisite works of art.

Is white marble connected with emotions?

Parents rarely realize that decades later, that same child may come to the same place of worship with their own children, when they hold their child’s hand in prayer before God, or when they pick up their child to ring the bells. Regardless of whether the deity stands in a temple or home, God and marble indicate this tradition.

Last but not least

This article is compiled to keep in view the fact of white marble that what exactly present in the white marble and why it is used in the holy places. Still, if you have any questions related to the marble or white marble, drop a comment we’re here to solve your inquiries regarding the marble.

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