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Marble Versus Granite Comparison Guide – How Are They Different?



Marble and granite are famous herbal stones that have been with inside the creation enterprise for a protracted time. They each have their blessings over every different in phrases of appearance, sturdiness, etc. a number of them have been indexed below:

What is marble?

Marble” is a time period utilized by geologists to consult metamorphosed limestone. It is a metamorphic rock composed of carbonate substances that are fashioned whilst limestone withinside the earth’s crust is subjected to excessive temperature and pressure.

This reasons the stone to go through a transformation level wherein the calcite withinside the limestone recrystallizes and bureaucracy calcite crystals convert the feel of the rock. As the metamorphosis level progresses the crystals grow to be large and may be visible as interlocking crystals even though unaided eyes.

Among all herbal stones, marble is the maximum fashionable and high-priced stone. It is likewise notably flexible as it could be utilized in flooring, decorative furnishings, fireside, and bathrooms. Just like another herbal stone marble is available in quite a few hues starting from milky white to purple and black which is the end result of impurities gift withinside the stone’s shape.

The impurities are in bands that grow the beauty of the stone. However, seeing that marble is fabricated from calcite crystals that is a salt of calcium, marble is susceptible to staining particularly from drinks that are acidic in nature because of which it is also now no longer encouraged to put in marble for uncovered locations like business kitchens.

What is Granite?

Granite is a granular igneous rock that has a phaneritic texture, it’s far fashioned through the sluggish crystallization of the magma below the floor of the earth. Many gadgets that we come upon in our each day sports in particular in massive towns wherein pavers, ground tiles, and cemetery monuments are crafted from granite. Many well-known locations like Mount Rushmore, Yosemite Valley, and Torres del Paine in Chile are granite hubs.

Granite is in particular composed of quartz and feldspars, it’s far coarse-grained and commonly in mild hues. It has been in use significantly because of the historic instances for each indoor and outside application.

Granite vs Marble

Hardness and longevity: Granite is relatively more difficult and more potent than marble. It is more often than not referred to as the maximum long lasting herbal stone in comparison to marble.  It is immune to warmness and might without problems face up to warm cookware consequently it’s far best for kitchen tops. Marble is likewise vulnerable to fading of color and turning into duller over time. Unlike the stains which may be removed, a dulled marble has no manner of getting its shine back. It is an irreversible manner and a chief downside of marble.

Reactivity to Acidic substance: Both herbal stones have a porous shape however the metamorphic attributes of marble make it extra porous and consequently marble is without problems stained from spills in particular from drinks that are acidic in nature like fruit juices and wines. On the opposite hand, granite is lots extra resilient toward stains so long as a powerful sealant is maintained at the floor liquid spills will now no longer permeate into the floor.

Appearance: The appearance of each marble and granite is pretty one of a kind from every different. Granite’s color version seems like freckling at some stage in the stone due to the fact granite has meddled stones in it like feldspar, mica, and amphibole. Marble, on the opposite hand, has a grayish or cream color with veins going for walks via it. The veins in marble are common because of impurities like iron oxide.

Applications: The long-lasting first-class of granite makes it suitable for kitchen countertops and hallways wherein there may be excessive foot interest at the same time as marble is extra apt for regions wherein there may be much fewer visitors like bathrooms. Marble offers a brilliant particular appearance and is appropriate for surfaces that are used much less regularly.

Cost: Granite and marble each are to be hooked up through experts because the slabs are truly heavy. The approximate price for each marble and granite is $50 to $one hundred but excessive granite is less expensive than its counterpart marble. The real fee relies upon the first class of the stone, the complexity of the process, and the fashion of the tiles.

Maintenance: Sealants are used on each granite and marble to save you staining and etching. Marble calls for sealing lots extra regularly i.e. two times a year (encouraged through experts) while granite sealing as soon as each year is sufficient. The real requirement for resealing relies upon how closely the floor becomes used and the way often the stone’s cleansing becomes done.

How to pick the first-class stone for your Project?

So, through now, you understand all of the houses of each stone. You recognize the fee distinction and the way their features are one of a kind. Now for a very last selection, you want to keep in mind your task first. If you want a terrific and lower-priced layout, you could move for marble however in case you’re seeking out a long time long-lasting answer and might spend a little cash as well, going for granite and spending on it isn’t always a terrible choice at all.


Marble and Granite each have their very own particular houses and features. In the cease, all of it relies upon at the aesthetics and wherein you’ll use this stone. If you’re inclined to commit a number of it slow in the preservation of tiles for an extra lovely and fashionable layout then move for marble. However, in case you need a herbal stone with extra sturdiness you can contact the Marble cleaning services.

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