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Desert Safari in Dubai



In recent years, the city of Dubai has become one of the most complete cities in terms of infrastructure and tourist attractions such as Bur KhalifaBurj al Arab, and even shopping centers such as the Dubai Mall itself, among others.

The United Arab Emirates has some of the best sand dunes in the world. Visiting the desert in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is an unforgettable experience where not only activities are carried out in the sand but also various species of animals can be seen.

What is going on a desert safari in Dubai?

A desert safari is one of the most popular excursions or tours among visitors to Dubai where adventures and unique experiences are lived among the desert dunes. Depending on each taste and availability of the visitor, you can do desert activities in Dubai such as taking photos, riding camels, enjoying Dubai cuisine, a beautiful Tanoura or belly dance show, etc.

Activities that can be done in the desert in Dubai

  • To camp. Fabric shops or stands in the best Arab style. There you will live your own Bedouin experience while enjoying tea.
  • Enjoy a dance show. Be it Tanoura dance (typical Egyptian dance), or the famous belly dance. These presentations are always part of the rest after a day of desert safari in Dubai while enjoying the BBQ dinner.
  • Play sports on the sand. Sports such as sandboarding, sand skiing, quad biking, stargazing, and dune bashing can be enjoyed on desert excursions.
  • Ride a camel or an air balloon. Going on a camel ride in the middle of the desert is a unique experience, as well as touring a large part of the desert and enjoying the view of the dunes.

What to wear on a desert tour in Dubai

  • The ideal clothing to go to the desert should be casual and comfortable. It is recommended to wear cotton or linen clothing (shirts, t-shirts, pants or shorts) and cover the arms as much as possible to protect the skin from both the sun and the sand
  • Paramount to any desert expedition is a pair of lightweight, breathable hiking boots. Preferably cloth boots and not leather for maximum breathability and minimum weight
  • It is also essential to bring a jacket or jacket to wear in the afternoons since it is very cold in the desert once the sun sets
  • Among the accessories that cannot be missing are glasses, a hat, and sunscreen

What not to wear on a desert tour in Dubai

  • As far as possible, avoid tight clothing that makes movement difficult, whether for walking or playing sports.
  • It is recommended not to wear open-toed shoes as the sand can enter them and thus make it difficult to walk among the desert dunes, in addition to hurting the feet.


There are so many more things to see and enjoy on a desert safari so book a desert safari in Dubai soon!



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WhatsApp vip account 2022 –Stylish Bio Whatsapp, vip name And Whatsapp vip status2022



WhatsApp VIP account 2022

Not numerous people know how to edit WhatsApp profiles beautifully. In the moment’s post, we will bandy how to add a memoir, WhatsApp personality name, and description to a WhatsApp profile. However, others will be suitable to see the personality profile designs in your WhatsApp world, If you arrange your WhatsApp profile in a beautiful way. So read the whole post precisely with attention.
nearly all of us have stylish bio WhatsApp accounts. Not only do we’ve WhatsApp accounts but we also have to edit or arrange our VIP WhatsApp profile beautifully.
numerous of us open WhatsApp accounts but do not know how to personality WhatsApp profile. When numerous of us enter WhatsApp VIP ID 2022, our profile shows numerous beautifully designed biographies in the world. In the moment’s post, I’ll show you how to fluently produce a beautiful swish WhatsApp profile. These aren’t delicate tasks. You can do this only if you just read the post precisely.

How to make a WhatsApp personality account


To make a WhatsApp account personality account, first of all, you need to install the” WhatsApp Business” application.WhatsApp app and WhatsApp Business app are the same application. So you’ll install the WhatsApp Business operation because there are numerous further options that aren’t in the WhatsApp app.
After installing the WhatsApp Business app, you’ll open it. Next produce an account with a phone number. Next click on the three fleck option over and also click on the settings option. Then by clicking on your profile icon you need to produce a personality ID for your WhatsApp account.
First of all, you can see everything blank. You can set a beautiful WhatsApp profile DP by clicking on the profile picture. You can install the Profile picture Border Frame operation to produce WhatsApp DP.With this operation, you can produce WhatsApp swish profile pictures and DP.

WhatsApp personality account memoir

Now you’ll click on the description option. However, also your WhatsApp word will look much better, If you write commodity swish in the description. I’m giving you some swishSymbols.You can copy and bury them in your WhatsAppdescription.Then your WhatsApp account will look more seductive and nice.

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How to increase Twitter Stylish vip bio followers 2022



How to increase Twitter Stylish bio On the advice of some friends, you signed up for Twitter and start to appreciate it very much: now you use this social network every day to find out what is happening in the world, express your opinion on topics related to events, current events and comment live on TV shows television and sporting events. However, despite your best efforts, popularity is slow and you would like some suggestions on how to increase your following.

How do you say things are like this and wondering how to increase Twitter followers ? In that case, don’t worry – I’m here to give you some tips about it. Achieving popularity in this social network is not difficult, just be persistent and apply some tips like the ones I will give you in the next chapters of this tutorial. You will see that people will gradually follow you!

With that said, if you are now curious to know more about it, sit back, hold your own cell phone and carefully follow the suggestions I am about to give you – you will see that with a little patience and a lot of patience, the results will come. Happy reading and good luck!

How to increase Twitter followers for free

If you are wondering how to increase Twitter followers for free , let me talk you through how to best use some of the most important features of this platform to alert other users. You can find more details about it in the following lines.

Customize the profile

The first suggestion I want to give you to increase your Twitter followers is one Adjust your profile to the maximum . In fact, on Twitter, users are more likely to follow accounts with an effective bio that summarizes the interests of their owners.

However, to fully customize your profile, I recommend adding your bio description as well. hashtag, so that your account can be more easily found by those who have a specific interest in a certain topic (eg #tech , if it’s technology).

In this sense, to access the section of your profile and modify it, start the Twitter application on Android or iOS or, if you prefer to act as a computer, go to the official website of the social network in the browser.

Once you’re done, first tap on the profile icon , then on the Edit Profile article , to access the features of your profile version. Then write all the sections that appear to you, paying particular attention to the Bio form , in which you should clearly summarize your interests and the reasons why other users should follow you. At the end of the changes, press the off button to confirm them.

In case of questions or problems, see my guide where I talk about how to change your name on Twitter.

Write and interact with tweets

to increase twitter followers It is also very important to keep in mind that popularity is not achieved in a day: you need to spend a lot of time posting content, to reach users who have the same interests as you and therefore may be interested in following . him.

In this sense, the advice I want to give you is to write tweets every day and, if possible, even several times a day. Also, note what are social network trends , ie, the segment Most Popular – These are the topics you should talk about more often if you want to reach your audience on Twitter more easily.

However, you can check the trends from Twitter by pressing the magnifying glass icon in the Twitter application for Android or iOS or by clicking on the menu item Explore Web Version of the social network.

Also, when writing a new tweet (by pressing the feather icon on mobile phones and tablets or the Twitter button on a computer), don’t forget to use all the tools available on Twitter. For example, you can add multimedia content to your message (the media gallery icon ) or use the survey tool (L’ graphic icon ) to ask people to answer a specific question by giving them multiple choice answers.

It is also important to interact with other users of the social network, putting as the content they publish (the Icono  Corazón or sharing them back to your profile (the arrow symbol ). Another solution for users of the social network to notice is also to interact with other people’s tweets by writing a reply message (the animation icon ).

For more information on the practices just illustrated, see my guide on how to tweet on Twitter.

Send and reply to messages

To gain more popularity on Twitter , it is necessary to create a direct relationship with the community: in this regard, it is useful to send and reply to private messages , through the special functionality of the social network.

More specifically, one tip I want to give you to get the most out of this Twitter feature is to write a private message to your followers to thank them. Alternatively, you can also start a private chat to create a deeper dialogue with a user about a shared interest.

With that said, to send and reply to private messages on Twitter, press the folder icon located in the bottom menu, in the application for Android or iOS. If, on the other hand, you’re using Twitter from the web, the button is in the menu on the left side. After that, to start a new conversation, press the New message button and choose the name of the personality of your interest, among those that appear.

Alternatively, if you’ve already started a conversation with a user, you can continue it at any time by clicking on the name listed in the Messages menu .

In case of doubts or problems, check out my guide on how to chat on Twitter.

Follow other people

Another useful solution to notice Twitter And consequently, growing followers follow other people, hoping that they will reciprocate the following.

In this sense, it is very easy to find people with the same interests: use the search bar located at the top and write the term or hashtag related to the topic that interests you. Once that’s done, once you’ve identified the user content associated with it, you can follow a person who posted it by first tapping the name and then the follow button . If you change your mind, press the button. next and then confirm the operation by pressing the button Do not track , to delete the next.

Alternatively, you can simply scroll through the feed from the social network to see the most popular content on Twitter. Once you’ve found the posts you’re interested in, all you have to do is start following the users who have shared them by putting the instructions I just gave you into practice.

If you have questions or problems, check out my tutorial on how to follow on Twitter.

Other useful tips for increasing Twitter followers

In addition to the tips I gave you in the previous chapters, there are other “tips” I want to give you that could help you grow your Twitter following: I’ll talk you through the next few lines.

  • Get inspired by trending content: if you’ve run out of ideas and don’t know what content to tweet to, follow the cues of Tweets you find food for, or check out the trending section . Also, by tapping hashtag , you can see all related content posted by users and identify those with the most likes and retweets and therefore the most viral for inspiration (don’t copy, I recommend!)
  • Be persistent: Getting famous on Twitter and growing your following takes time, but it also takes persistence. Follow all the tips I gave you in this tutorial and apply them long term. You will see the results come sooner or later.
  • Use all Twitter tools: Twitter is a social network that is constantly updated to be updated. In this sense, to increase your followers, it is important to know in detail all the features provided by the platform in order to use them to the maximum. For this reason, if you still do not know how to use Twitter I suggest you read my guide where I tell you in detail how it works.

How to increase Twitter followers fast

to wish increase twitter followers fast ? In this case, the advice I want to give you in this regard is to promote your Twitter Stylish profile VIP and the tweets you post for a fee, using the Twitter Ads feature .

In fact, this social networking tool allows you to promote your own content, to achieve more fame in terms of followers, as well as interactions for your tweets and more clicks to your website.

If you want to know more about it, I suggest you to trust the official Twitter ads guide.

Application to increase followers on Twitter

Would you like to use application to increase followers on Twitter ? In this case I absolutely discourage you from implementing this procedure.

The use of applications or software for automation is against the social network’s terms of service. As a result, its use, in addition to being “morally wrong”, could lead to permanent account suspension. Then don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!


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10 tips to create the Vip biography for your Stylish bio Instagram profile 2022



Vip Stylish bio Instagram profile 2022

It is undeniable: that businesses that do not have an online presence do not exist in the eyes of their potential audience. But what about those who do have a website, a stylish vip Facebook page, or an Instagram profile, but go unnoticed? Well, unfortunately, many of the efforts they make to stand out and attract the attention of their potential clients will remain in the background.

If this is your case and you have an Instagram profile that cannot stand out from the competition, what you need is to redesign your strategy and change the way you communicate, and try to connect with your audience. And, this starts with the first thing they see when they enter your profile: your bio.

Say goodbye to bland, bland, unexciting biographies! The biography of your  Stylish profile on Instagram is your manifesto and your cover letter, and it should perfectly summarize what you do and what makes you different from others (your creativity, your passion for your profession and for innovation, and even the be in an exceptional location).

To help you give your biography a more professional, creative, and attractive touch, today we are going to give you 10 tips that are very easy to apply, which will offer you spectacular results. Attract visits and glances, which become customers and new reservations. Don’t miss a thing and start putting them up today!

10 tips to create the perfect stylish biography for your Instagram profile

An attractive name that is easy to remember and understand by your customers.

What do you want to express with the name, which you put on your Instagram profile? Ideally, this should be the closest thing to the name of your business, but you can allow yourself to be creative and use keywords that help you position your vip profile among the list of interests of your potential clients .

For example, in the image we have created to illustrate this article, the center is ‘Romina Sierra aesthetics & beauty’. For the nickname or username, therefore, we have chosen  although it could perfectly well have been ‘  ‘. Play with different formulas and highlight the name and logo of your business so that everything fits together and your image conveys harmony and elegance.

Do you need inspiration? Take a look at this recommended article: ‘ Best names for Instagram of aesthetic and beauty centers ‘.

A descriptive text that summarizes what you do and what advantages you offer to customers.

To describe your business, you can create a simple paragraph, in which you explain the main advantages of going to your center or clinic and trying your services . This short text should be your presentation and transmit something so special that it is irresistible.

In the example profile, we see this text, which rather than describing your text in a short paragraph, launches a list of distinctive features in a very summarized and concise way:

  • Beauty center in #Madrid (you attract your public from Madrid and surroundings, as well as those who visit the capital).
  • Meet our new #nail designs! (You are dedicated to nail design and performing creative manicures, you are innovative and you would love to stand out for it; tell them about it!).
  • We help you show off a heart attack #look (in your beauty and aesthetics center, you also offer the lifting and eyelash extension service).
  • New #facialrejuvenation treatments (within the aesthetic branch, you like to stand out for your rejuvenation treatments, although you also offer other equally interesting services).

In this description, you can take the opportunity to mention your passions, bring out your most emotional side, and awaken the empathy and desire to buy your potential customers. In addition, you can highlight your news and the type of technology or product, which you use as a distinctive feature.

Use emojis to accompany your description and highlight what you consider important.

Emojis help you make your description stand out, give it context and frame it in a visual and attractive scene that offers your potential client a very clear vision of who you are and what you can offer them.

For example, in the example that we leave you in the image that illustrates this article, we see a series of context emojis, which help us understand at a glance the type of services you offer and what seems important to you. Let’s see how it would be:

Beauty center in #Madrid
Meet our new #nail designs!
We help you wear a heart attack #look.
New facial #rejuvenation treatments.
Book your appointment now!

Don’t forget to add a call to action before the link.

In the previous point, we have let you glimpse one of the best formulas to get a potential client to click on the link that you leave in your biography, but we can suggest some more.

It is important to add a call to action, that is, an appealing message that draws the customer’s attention and leads him to perform a certain action, such as:

  • Book an appointment / Request an appointment (if you have a business, dependent on reservations, this is one of the best calls you can make, since your goal will be to get new clients and appointments to fill your agenda)
  • Request more information / Learn more about your business (in this case, you will direct your audience to your website to find out, get to know you better and even to read your blog articles. In the latter case, you can add the formula ‘ New Post ‘ or ‘ New video ‘, and even, ‘ Don’t miss our news and tips! ‘).
  • Buy products, vouchers or packs (this will be linked to your online store, just like some of your publications, if you use Instagram shopping.
  • Use a custom link to convey trust.

Now, we delve into one of the most important parts of your profile: the link that will drive traffic and customers to your website from Instagram, or help you get more reservations or more sales. As you well know, on this platform, unlike vip Facebook, it is not possible to put working links in posts and even, in many cases, in Stories (especially if you do not have more than 10,000 or do not usually launch ads).

Therefore, the only point that concentrates the power to take your followers to an external site is the link that you add under your description. But what if you don’t want to put just one? You can put the link to your website or bet on tools as effective as the ones we mention below. With them, you can create a panel with buttons or linked images, which they can click and access the content or place they want.

We are going to recommend two platforms, each one with a different operation but with many customization possibilities: from the extension of the URL in your profile, to the number of places they can access.

  • : This functionality allows you to create a panel with the same publications that you have on your Instagram profile, but with the particularity that in this case they can be clicked and accessed. In order for Iglink to detect your content and appear in the panel, you must add the shortened or full link in each of the posts you make on your profile. This is what the FLOWww panel looks like:
  • : Unlike the previous tool, here, you can add other links of interest and create a panel of buttons, with sections like these, replace them and add as many as you want:

    – Book your appointment now (+ the segmented URL to your online appointment calendar).
    – Contact us by WhatsApp
    – Find out what’s new on our blog.
    – New video on our YouTube channel
    – Download our app.

    The one for FLOWww would look like this:

With this functionality and the appropriate call to action, you will be able to offer them the possibility of booking an appointment for the desired service in a few clicks and, incidentally, registering as a customer in your database.


Download your pack of ‘Icons for Instagram Highlight Stories’ for free!

Offer alternative forms of contact, adding the email of your business and the telephone number.

Apart from the option to send you a private message or DM to contact you, you must offer them a classic alternative. To do this, add two of the basic contact forms to your profile: a mobile or landline phone number of your business and a corporate email address .

How will they access this information? This will appear on the screen, as a pop up or dropdown, as soon as they click on ‘ Contact ‘. In addition, as we have seen before, you can add a direct access button to send yourself a WhatsApp to your link panel .

Add your business address so your customers can directly access your location.

In the same way that it will be important to add some basic contact information, you must specify the physical address of your center or clinic so that they can access Google Maps directly and find you, whether they are by car, public transport or on foot.

This will also help you position your business locally and link your positioning on Google Maps with a social platform like Instagram. You can then use this location in each of your posts to remind the customer where they can find you, without them having to leave your profile.

Use your own hashtags and add a mention to your professional profile to enrich the text and expand information.

Going back to the description, which you will add to your biography. How about we add something else? In this case, they can be descriptive hashtags , that have to do with your services or that refer to your slogan.

For example: #LaBellezaEnTusManos #TuEspaldaSanaByRS #NutriciónSinDietas

Apart from these hashtags or labels, you can add mentions to your personal Instagram profile or to your esthetics, beauty or health professional, in which you give extra advice and show yourself as a person. This will help you to concentrate traffic around your brand , it will make it stronger and, of course, more human. If they know who is behind your business, they will develop a greater sympathy towards your brand and your team.

Play with fonts other than the default to highlight a phrase on your profile.

As you may have seen, all Instagram profiles have the same font. They are all the same and uniform, standing out, perhaps, for their message or for the emojis they add to personalize it. But what would you think if we told you that you can also change the font of your description ?

Although some accounts are already using this trick to attract attention and differentiate themselves, they do not use typography so that all the text is the same, but rather to highlight a phrase or part of it. By default, Instagram uses the ‘Helvetica’ font, but what can you do to choose a different one?

Here’s a trick: go to an Instagram font generator, like Meta TagsInstagram Fonts,

or Insta Fonts, and type in the snippet you want. Now, you just have to copy and paste it into the ‘Description’ box of your profile and Voilá!

Give a personal and more professional touch to your Stylish profile, adding beautiful icons for your featured Stories.

Finally, if you want to round off and put the finishing touch to your Instagram profile, customize the icons of the Stories that you have saved and highlight.

, so that your followers can consult and see them whenever they want. Here, you can add your videos with tips, ‘Before and after’ photos and even your finished work, such as makeup or manicure.

To do this, use colors and graphics that harmonize with your brand, in order to have a solid, professional and beautiful image. Taking care of this detail, possibly, will help you get more followers, who will end up becoming customers of your business.

What do you think of these communication ideas? Learn how to take advantage of them, relying on FLOWww and its online reservation system . Focus your biography on making your business stand out and getting more appointments, clients and sales. If you want to start them, click on the image below and start today!


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