TikTok’s popularity in the marketplace hasn’t gone unnoticed by Facebook, which has just launched a virtually identical clone called Lasso, albeit in the US for now.
TikTok , one of the most popular applications of the moment , and that allows us to share short videos with the entire user community with a certain music in the background, already has a new competitor: Lasso from Facebook .

Facebook has surprisingly launched Lasso in the United States, although it had been known for a few weeks about the existence of said application. As happens with the Byte Dance application, in Lasso we can also record videos of up to 15 seconds, synchronizing them with an extensive music library .
The app, currently available on iOS and Android in the US, is described as “ a standalone app for short, entertaining videos, from comedy to beauty to fitness and more. We’re excited about the potential and will be collecting feedback from people and creators .”
As you have imagined, you will be able to log in to Lasso through your Instagram or Facebook account, having to authorize the application to access your profile page, photos and videos. It seems that at the moment there is no way to make profiles private so that other users could access data from your profile.
Once inside the app you can freely scroll through thousands of short videos that automatically play as you scroll through them. You can search for types of videos by hashtags or tags . The videos can be shared in Facebook stories while the sharing function on Instagram will come a little later.

This clone of TikTok will arrive in the next few weeks to the rest of the markets in the world, and promises to become one of the most popular applications in the near future. Unlike TikTok, it does not include augmented reality filters, but it does have effects such as slow motion or fast forward.

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